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After consulting a Dermatologist, she was put on the strongest skin medication Doctors are prescribing to Acne sufferers - Roacutane (Isotretinoin).


Traceyanne had to undergo blood tests to check cholesterol and liver function during the treatment as this medication had adverse affects on users. The side effects recorded are even greater today.


Traceyanne reacted badly to taking the medication with any product being put on her skin causing it to burn and become inflamed. Even sunscreen, which is a must through treatment due to photosensitivity burnt her skin.


After being taken off it, she couldn't do anything with her skin to improve the quality and even things like waxing was not allowed for 6 months.


Frustrated with the outcome of the medication, she decided to research options for acne sufferers. This research led to a passion for the skin industry.  Traceyanne undertook continual training to perform dermal treatments to enable her to help acne sufferers. It is her mission to help them avoid going through what she went through when there are so many more options available.


Traceyanne is now studying a Bachelor of Science to increase her knowledge and skills by having a broader perspective in assisting clients. Traceyanne's philosophy is that skin beauty and perfection requires using external and internal modalities to achieve it.

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