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Medik8 is an award-winning, global skincare brand, sold only skincare experts. Products are designed, developed and formulated by a team of biochemists and pharmacologists.

It is the First Green Cosmeceutical Brand:              

                                                                                 - Solution specific products

                                                                          - Proven results

                                                                          - Professional strength

                                                                          - Highly stable formula

Creating Perfection

Researched by Biochemists  


Formulated by Pharmacologists


Dispensed by Skincare Experts


Recommended by Friends 

- Core anti-ageing philosophy

- Advanced skincare minimising irritation

- Small batch production


Skin Ageing 


Intrinisic (chronological ageing) or Extrinsic (photoageing) cause skin to age. Improve the appearance of your skin and take preventative measures by using Medik8's target specific anti-ageing solutions that promote freshly regenerated healthy skin cells.


UV exposure, acne scarring, inflammation, hormonal changes or injuries can cause hyperpigmentation to the skin. Improve the appearance of your skin and take preventative measures by using Medik8's target specific pigmentation solutions against - dark spots, age, spots, freckles, blotchiness, sun damage, uneven skin tone and melasma


Redness/Reactive Skin


Immunogenic inflammation and neurogenic inflammation contribute to skin sensitivity and redness. Restore your impaired skin barrier that's been compromised causing sensitivity by using Medik8's target specific solutions that instantly calm, soothe and minimises the burning sensation that often accompanies this skin condition.


Dehydration by break down of the skin's lipid barrier are commonly caused by extrinsic factors such as UV radiation exposure, cooling/heating systems and chlorinated water. Improve the moisture in your skin and take preventative measures by using Medik8's target specific anti-dryness solutions that prevent moisture loss, enriching and protecting the skin.



Dark Circles

Acne/Blemishes can appear at any age. As cells stick together from over production of sebum and a build up of dead skin keratinised material that gradually block the follicle causing blemishes. Improve your skin by using Medik8's target specific anti-blemish solutions that targets breakouts, speeds healing and reduces post inflammatory scarring without compromising the skin's defensive barriers.


The eye area is thinner and more prone to damage. Fatigue, sun damage and ageing weaken the collagen and elastin creating laxity.  A specialised eye formulation is required to combat sensitivity and the thinner skin, improve the hydro lipidic film and the low tissue drainage from few supporting fibres. Improve the appearance of dark circles with Medik8's target specific solution by the micro-circulation actively reducing puffiness and increased hydration.


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