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Anti-Ageing Skin Treatments

Energy C

An effective professional treatment for the face and neck combining highly illuminating and antioxidant products with an exclusive energising massage technique.


Vitamin C keeps collagen production active while improving the skin's elasticity and protecting it from external factors.


The Energy C facial treatment is designed to combat the first signs of ageing. It brightens the facial skin and improves pigmentary lesions. Its antioxidant properties







counteract the oxidative damage of ultraviolet rays, preventing premature ageing. The combination of its active ingredients provides moisture and reduces fine wrinkles and expression lines.




Collagen 360

An effective professional treatment for the face and neck combining products which are highly redensifying and tightening, with an exclusive firming massage technique.


Skin thickness and the tightening strength of the dermis depend on collagen synthesis quality.


Over time collagen reduces leading to facial volume being lost and increased fine lines and wrinkles.


The enriched marine collagen provides amino acids and stimulates cells involved in collagen synthesis. Combined with vitamins A & C, this treatment smoothes and tightens to noticeably reduce wrinkles.




Stem Cell

An effective professional treatment for the face and neck that combines highly renewing and repairing products to fight the more advanced signs of ageing with an exclusive regenerative massage technique.


Plant stems and growth factors have been clinically proven to protect and reactivate our own dermal-epidermal stem cells, thereby strengthening the connective tissue structure and improving the skin quality and texture.


This treatment has a strong anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle activity in fibroblasts and in keratinocytes.




Radiance DNA

An effective professional treatment for the face and neck designed for the purpose of effectively repairing and protecting DNA integrity, in addition to reactivating vital skin functions. DNA is the code containing all the necessary information for our cells to develop adequately over time.


This treatment is the most advanced facial treatment featuring the high-tech based on meso recovery complex biovectors. Its protective layer and exclusive combination of active substances provides for slowing down the ageing process with a long-lasting action.





Immediate-effect skin rejuvenation treatment that stimulates skin mechanisms combating skin ageing. It acts directly on the signs of skin fatigue and ageing.


This treatment helps promote the body's natural defenses and cell regeneration mechanisms, giving the skin all the necessary elements for improved nourishment and optimum hydration. The result is a rejuvenating effect that brightens and revitalises the face. From only 5 sessions you will experience:

- Visibly younger skin.

- Enhanced brightness.

- Attenuation of wrinkles.

- Softer, firmer more uniform skin.

- Reduction of skin imperfections.





Efficient cosmetic depigmentation treatment against skin blemishes caused by melanin. This method acts within cells responsible for skin pigmentation, decreasing colour production in areas where excess production is apparent to achieve the disappearance or attenuation of unattractive blemishes cause by excess melanin in the skin.


Application of Cosmelan inhibits the melanogenesis process paralysing melanin production by inhibiting the action of the enzyme tyrosinaise for a long period of time during which corneum stratum flaking plus the action of the macrophagic cells taking the melanin deposits with them.


This treatment helps to dramatically reduce the appearance of pigmentation and uneven skin tone resulting from melasma, acne scarring and other dermal pigmentation.


This treatment includes a maintenance cream, moisturiser and anti stress face mask to support the results achieved.

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